Why nuanced discussions and coverage of racialized communities matter.
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How offering concrete benefits may be the key to converting the most resistant audiences, including lower-income communities.
They’re helpful avatars for the media outlets that CJOC and CABJ have been meeting to discuss our Calls to Action to strengthen newsroom diversity.
I break down the revenue streams from my first full year of consulting, as well as how I diversified my income.
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Alt hed: Why you should still read this newsletter despite my bad bovine puns.
I reveal the Toronto-based outlet’s first story and a teaser video.
In my last newsletter of this year, I reveal my latest teaching gig at a top-notch journalism school in Toronto.
I highlight a reporting error about The Green Line’s funding that appeared in a December story by The Logic.
Plus! I reveal the first hires for my yet-to-be announced publication.