Produced as part of Journalist for Human Rights’ Enhanced Access for BIPOC Youth in Canadian Media program.

January 2023

Ushering in 2023 with my second-ever listicle… 🎊

December 2022

I reveal the numbers behind my Toronto-based indie startup journalism outlet.

November 2022

“Anita, how *is* The Green Line doing?”

October 2022

Plus! The Green Line is hosting a special Toronto election event in partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation and the Royal Society of Arts.

September 2022

Spotlighting my fantastic team: Julia, Alex, Dupe, Aloysius, Meral, Shaki, Amit, Yutang and Danish.

July 2022

Our show debuted on Friday, July 22.
I’m the executive consultant for this Journalists for Human Rights program.

June 2022

Read on for cool opportunities from The Narwhal, Inspirit Foundation and Google News Initiative Canada.

May 2022

Read on to learn more about my publication’s original theory-of-change model, which I tested for the first time in April.

April 2022

TheGreenLine.TO is officially live — check it out and spread the word!

March 2022

Read on to learn how you can support us leading up to our website launch on April 1.