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Many of you know me as someone who’s long been at the forefront of disruption in journalism, with one foot inside the Canadian media system and one foot outside of it. After nearly two decades working on the editorial and business sides of this industry both at home and abroad, it’s time for me to lift the curtain.

Enter The Other Wave, a newsletter I launched in September 2020 that will (1) give you an insider’s look at how I’m challenging the status quo in Canadian journalism and (2) document my outsider’s journey building a media product that will embody modern Canada as you and I see it — that is, younger generations of Canadians who share the same forward-thinking values.

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I've been checking out The Other Wave and can hardly wait for the next issue. Your mapping of the Diffusion of Allies made the Bridge Detroit example feel actionable rather than exceptional — so refreshing. I'd love to hear about what's next in your community-driven journalism work.

- Margaret Boyer-Dry, creator of Lorem Ipsum

Just wanted to say I'm loving your newsletter. This one, with Simpsons icons, is such a brilliant and funny idea.

- Hannah Sung, Canadian media icon, former MuchMusic VJ and creator of At The End Of The Day

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Anita Li is a media entrepreneur, consultant and educator with a decade of experience as a multi-platform journalist at outlets across North America.