My birthday present 🎁

Did you get me a gift?

Hey y’all! Anita here. Seeing as it was my birthday yesterday, I figured I’d get some much needed R&R this weekend and take a mini break from writing my typical TOW newsletter. Instead, this week, I’m hoping that all of you will give me the gift of your feedback 🎂


Here’s my audience survey, below, which is divided up into two main sections: newsletter content and demographic information. I’d appreciate it if you could complete as many questions as possible, as your answers will help me better serve you. Click this image to access the survey:

Stevie Wonder and I thank you!

Last thought

How you can support The Other Wave

My professional mission has always been to support the global movement towards more thoughtful, impactful news coverage, and all the ways that manifests. If The Other Wave gets you to think even a little differently about journalism, especially in Canada, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do. And if TOW gets you to take action and support Canadian media outlets — especially ones that strive to be innovative and inclusive — I will have exceeded my expectations.

If my values and goals resonate with you, please consider supporting fiercely independent media analysis that fills in gaps in coverage of the Canadian journalism landscape. How? Feel free to provide feedback, pass along resources, donate money or simply share this newsletter with your friends.